Finally upgraded and the space saving is huge! #yay

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Finally upgraded and the space saving is huge! #yay

Post by jerrypaulick » Tue Dec 08, 2020 12:52 pm

Post just for fun, I recently upgraded from ooooold version (1.27?) to recent ZoneMinder 1.32, so I could FINALLY get that x264 passthrough recording instead of millions of single jpegs. Actually I wasn't even planning on it, just tried it out in a sandbox VM to see how it all works and stuff... Well, I was hooked immediately and upgraded my main ZM the same day. :D

It's been a few weeks and I still can't check if the PurgeOldEvents filter works... because... the disk is still not full!

Before, in one hour, all the recordings (ie. the single jpeg saved frames) took roughly 0.5 % of free space. Now one hour of recordings only takes 0.1 % of free space.

Now, these are very rough numbers, since I don't know exactly how much space it was using before (all I have is a 30-day history of free space on my CCTV drive from Zabbix), but given that I do remember I was getting about 6-8 days of recordings before, it checks out. Now I get 38 days! Five times as much! (Assuming 90% space utilization on my drive).

Write utilization of the drive is down 10% (before it was about 20%, roughly 20 mbps of constant write). CPU utilization is down as well (not sure how much). Sorry for sort of a shitpost, but I was excited and wanted to share.

In absolute numbers, this is 7 FullHD cameras and 6 TB drive.

- Before I had some Mocord running (only one camera though), now I am purely on Record for now. So there is some saved space here.
- Two of the cameras stopped working in the new ZoneMinder and only started working after I tuned the resolution down to 720p from 1080p (I've described it in the ZM wiki, too).. That does save space too, but on the other hand, I increased the fps and bitrate on other cameras (on average from 7 to 10).

But awesome regardless. Thank you to everyone behind ZoneMinder!

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