Bionic Server on Pi 3 B+

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Bionic Server on Pi 3 B+

Post by bbunge » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:59 am

Playing with my Pi 3 B+ I was able to get a copy of Bionic Mate running with the WIFI enabled. So I thought why not pare it down to just a server version. I uninstalled Mate, added server, a swap file and tweaked the network to be activated with netplan. Also fixed a couple of errors that came up at boot.

First test was to add LAMP and Zoneminder 1.32.3. Ran one USB and one remote camera at 640x480 5 FPS. Ran well.

Went back to the basic server setup and with tasksel added Lubuntu full version. Runs well and even has access to WIFI!

So, I've made this avaliable via OneDrive in a zip file that contains a Clonezilla image of my setup. It was done on a 32 GIG SD card so should be able to go on 32 GIG or larger. There is a readme file in the zip package with user and password information as well as some notes.

Link to files;!ApMZyp0q7cregddTH51bdR_Sz8gdCQ

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