Firefox Extended Support Release

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Firefox Extended Support Release

Post by bbunge » Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:12 am

In case there are any out there that have issues with the new Firefox Quantum (version 57 and higher) and want to go back to a version of Firefox that will be supported for a while may I recommend the Firefox ESR. As of this it is at version 52.5.2 and supports all the old add-ons that work well as well as some of the new "improved" ones. As I read it Mozilla will continue security updates on FF ESR for a while.

Mozilla has a site that explains ESR: ... tions/faq/

Downloads for supported OSes and languages: ... tions/all/

I am running this version on Windows 10 64 bit and OSX 10.13.2. I've found that this version is actually faster on my "old" Pentium quad core laptop than FF Quantum! When you install add-ons you may need to see "all versions" and pick a version of the add-on that works with the FF ESR.

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Re: Firefox Extended Support Release

Post by Baylink » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:40 am

I'm not sure what it depends on, but it depends. :-)

I upgraded to 57, and have -- so far -- been having no problems with anything, including ZM and montage -- where everything's faster, and the datestamps in the scroller are a readable size now (where before they were in Flyspeck 3).

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