Outdoor WiFi camera recommendations, budget EUR 0-350

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Outdoor WiFi camera recommendations, budget EUR 0-350

Post by light,camera,action » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:25 pm

I did some tests and am able to get 8Mb/s upload to the Internet via a cheap phone over a 10 meter distance, so likely more to an internal network (on which ZM would be running). Should I expect to see a stable system (like a wired system) with ZoneMinder over a wireless connection or is it all so brittle that just a little bit of rain will totally kill the signal?

I am looking for wireless, because it's meant for a small shed behind a house and it needs to be directed at the rear of the house.

Additionally, the last camera I have bought was a few years back and while it works fine, I have my doubts regarding the quality of the IR (it was a EUR 300-400 camera back then).

Feature wise I am only interested in good picture quality and I would like to know the configuration for ZoneMinder beforehand, because I don't want to make it a research project like last time :P

What is the impact on operating costs of a wireless camera compared to a wired one regarding energy usage, etc. If it's really high, then it might be worth it to extend the network, but I doubt it.

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