Mailer alternative possibly, sendEmail

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Mailer alternative possibly, sendEmail

Post by mythedoff » Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:14 pm

I had a foscam under an eave with its power connected to a extension cord plugged in to a portable GFCI which is more typically used to connect power equipment. The GFCI was sensitive and would trip every couple of days and so the foscam camera would be unavailable for long periods of time. So I set up a cron job to ping ip of the camera and if it failed wait for, if I recall, 5 minutes, then ping it again. If it failed again, it would send a SMS message using the sendEmail program. I have since moved the foscam and is now POE.

The sendEmail program requires no setup and I would think, although I haven't tried, it would work within ZoneMinder. Here is one page describing it with examples: ... thers.html

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$ which sendemail

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$ sendemail --help

sendemail-1.56 by Brandon Zehm <>

Synopsis:  sendemail -f ADDRESS [options]

    -f ADDRESS                from (sender) email address
    * At least one recipient required via -t, -cc, or -bcc
    * Message body required via -m, STDIN, or -o message-file=FILE

    -t ADDRESS [ADDR ...]     to email address(es)
    -u SUBJECT                message subject
    -m MESSAGE                message body
    -s SERVER[:PORT]          smtp mail relay, default is localhost:25

    -a   FILE [FILE ...]      file attachment(s)
    -cc  ADDRESS [ADDR ...]   cc  email address(es)
    -bcc ADDRESS [ADDR ...]   bcc email address(es)
    -xu  USERNAME             username for SMTP authentication
    -xp  PASSWORD             password for SMTP authentication

    -b BINDADDR[:PORT]        local host bind address
    -l LOGFILE                log to the specified file
    -v                        verbosity, use multiple times for greater effect
    -q                        be quiet (i.e. no STDOUT output)
    -o NAME=VALUE             advanced options, for details try: --help misc
        -o message-content-type=<auto|text|html>
        -o message-file=FILE         -o message-format=raw
        -o message-header=HEADER     -o message-charset=CHARSET
        -o reply-to=ADDRESS          -o timeout=SECONDS
        -o username=USERNAME         -o password=PASSWORD
        -o tls=<auto|yes|no>         -o fqdn=FQDN

    --help                    the helpful overview you're reading now
    --help addressing         explain addressing and related options
    --help message            explain message body input and related options
    --help networking         explain -s, -b, etc
    --help output             explain logging and other output options
    --help misc               explain -o options, TLS, SMTP auth, and more

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