GeoVision GV-800e PCIe capture card

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GeoVision GV-800e PCIe capture card

Post by crackley » Mon Jul 08, 2019 1:45 pm

GeoVision GV-800e (aka 800V4 Express V4.33, aka Camsecure 800e) ... Linux.html
PCIe capture card with 16 video inputs and 4 audio inputs.
Works with card=93,93,93,93

The advertised capture rate is 120fps for NTSC (divided across the 16 inputs) but I am only getting 40. I have not tested the audio inputs. The documentation that came from Camsecure makes it look like it should works with the GV-800s drivers (card=157,158,158,158) but it does not.

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