ZoneMinder 1.30.0 Released

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ZoneMinder 1.30.0 Released

Post by SteveGilvarry » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:41 am

We are pleased to announce the release of ZoneMinder 1.30.0 The Day that Never Comes.

Important Changes!

This release has additional Perl dependencies associated with Onvif discovery and the telemetry daemon. If you are installing from a package, the package maintainer should take care of this for you.

As mentioned in the previous release notes, these features have been removed from the project:

Autotools – Build using cmake instead
Mobile Skin – Use a mobile app, such as zmNinja
XML Skin – Use the new API instead

Last minute changes

Fixed an issue which affected emailing and exporting video

Changes Included with RC2

An issue with the latest libjpeg-turbo 1.5.0 was discovered and fixed
Update Ubuntu and Debian documentation
Additional enhancements and fixes to zmonvif-probe
Zones were incorrectly reporting a size of 100% when they were smaller. This has been fixed.
Fixed an warning message from

New Features

Onvif discovery is now enabled by default. This features increases build time, but the benefit is auto-discovery of any Onvif compliant camera. Please note that this feature is still experimental. It has not been tested in a large environment or with a large variety of cameras. Using this tool is largely self explanatory, but if you are looking for documentation it can be found on the @altaroca ’s blog site. As time allows, we will bring the documentation over to our readthedocs site. Volunteers to do this work are welcome.

ZoneMinder now has a telemetry deamon which collects information about your machine. This was done to learn how our user base uses ZoneMinder, the most common system size, choice of distro, cpu, memory, and a couple of other things. This will help us focus our efforts on what features get used the most. Since this was written in Perl, you can easily see for yourself what information is being sent. Note that this feature defaults to ON. If this is not what you want, then you can turn it off under Options. In a future release, we plan to include an install wizard, which will prompt the user about this feature.

Have you ever wished for the motion detection zones to be live, rather than a static image? Well they are now! Creating or modifying zones works exactly the same as before, but with the live stream running in the background. If you need to freeze the stream, there is a Pause button at the bottom of the window to do just that.

Finally thank you to all the contributors, whether it be by submitting code or making donations, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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